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Parallell 1
Thursday 28 Sept, 14:00–15:30

Anne-Mette Magnussen
, “Legal regulation of medical professional discretion in prioritisation of health care services in Denmark and Norway – exploring similarites and differences”

Vugar Mammadov, “What does Transparency means in the Health System?”

Yana Litins’ka, “Mental competence as a threshold for equal access to healthcare services”

Ivan Demchenko, “Health Rights of Internally Displaced Persons: Problematic Issues from Ukraine”

Nely Plamenova Gradinarova, “A model for optimizing the work of ethics committees in the healthcare system in Bulgaria: an instrument for more effective distribution of healthcare services”

Maria Aluas, “The Case of Csoma v. Romania. Legal and ethical considerations on the Informed Consent Issues”

Katarzyna Mełgieś, “Access to Innovative Healthcare Services – Poland’s Legal Perspective”

Maria Elżbieta Sokalska, “End of life: promises and challenges of palliative care”

Marie Elske Caroline Gispen, “Ensuring access to pain control and palliative care in Europe – experiences from Latvia and moving beyond”

Mariela Svetoslavova Deliverska, “Human rights protection and public health assessment in relation to late diagnosis of rare diseases”

Joint EAHL/EJHL workshop: ‘European Governance of Health and Health Care, Strength and weaknessess
Chair: Henriette Roscam Abbing

Henriette Roscam Abbing “European Governance of health and health care: a critical appraisal”
Stefania Negri, “The EU response to serious cross-border public health treats”
Athanasios Panagiotou, “Professional standards, clinical guidelines and medical liability”
Annagrazia Altavilla, “Safe, innovative and accessible medicines in Europe : a renewed strategy for patients and pharmaceutical sector”


Parallell 2
Thursday 28 Sept, 16:00–17:30

John Lombard 
“An Unjustified Restriction? The Significance of Plain-Packaging for Tobacco Products”

Joaquin Cayon-De Las Cuevas, “Access to patented medicines in low-income countries: is EU law efficient in order to implement international obligations?”

Mette Hartlev, “Personalized medicine – good or bad news for equitable access to health care services”

Jos Boertjens, “Healthcare fraud in Europe: towards a common European approach?”

Ellen Vanermen, “The Belgian and Dutch legislation governing healthcare professions and the phenomenon task shifting”

Joanna Karolina Rozynska, “Balancing risks and benefits of experimental interventions offered on ‘compassionate use’ basis”

Maria K Sheppard, “Cost effectiveness and patient choice as ‘Leitmotifs’ in the distribution of healthcare. Example: the English NHS”

Luciana Caenazzo, “Public costs coverage of social egg freezing in Italy: perspectives of resources allocation for Public Healthcare Systems”

Atina Krajewska, “Should single persons have the right to access (publicly-funded) fertility treatment?”

Radmyla Yu. Hrevtsova, “Legal challenges of medically assisted reproduction: Discussing the Ukrainian experience, searching for international responses”

Workshop: “FAIR use of personal health (research) data, new challenges for consent and anonymisation”
Chair: Evert-Ben van Veen

Menno Mostert, “Research Exemptions from Consent: Respecting the Fundamental Right to Data Protection”
Evert-Ben van Veen, “From data silos to open science : are ethics and regulators lagging behind ?”
Irene Schlünder, “Balancing research needs for broad consent and research participants’ interest in privacy”


Parallell 3
Thursday 29 Sept, 10:30–12:00

Maria K Sheppard,
“3D printing – the regulatory challenge of personalised medicine from a patient’s perspective”

Nicola Glover-Thomas, “Should We Regulate the Unregulated? Off-Label Drug Usage, Adverse Reactions and Children”

Titti Mattsson, “Distributing healthcare for the ageing population through e-health. The ’Swedish vision’ examined”

Tiina Titma, “Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) – challenges for the integrated regulation network”’

Katarzyna Blanka Robak, Implementing the right to know one’s own identity in European legislation”

Juan Ignacio Ochagavías, “Adressing genetic issues and non-discrimination instruments: An overview of regulation and raising risks.”

M.C. Ploem, “A duty to re-contact: futuristic or realistic?”

Brenda Daly, “Patients’ rights to access cross-border healthcare in Ireland and the challenge of Brexit”

Herta Glatz, “Cross-border Healthcare in the EU: Implementation of European Legislation in Austria and Germany – a comparative approach and its relevance for a border-region”

Lisette Bongers, “Towards a Better Management of Differences among the Member States of the European Union in the Protection of Classical, Individual Patients’ Rights: Exploring Legal Solutions at International and European Union Level in the Light of the European Union’s Directive 2011/24”

Joanna Karolina Rozynska, “Fair Access to Clinical Trials for Incompetent Subjects under the new EU Regulation No. 536/2014”

Interest group on Biobanks
Chair: Anne-Marie Duguet

Allane Madanamoothoo
, “Banking autologous cord blood: shall we open or close the pandora’s box ?”
Andreia Da Costa Andrade, “Biobanks: Trends and perspectives”
Gauthier Chassang, “The WMA Declaration of Taipei (2016): a new regulatory benchmark for health research databases and biobanks at international level”
Jean Herveg, “The main features of data protection in Biobanks in Europe”
Thibaut Coussens Barre, “Biological samples collections as goods subject to property rights ?”

General information about the interest groups: Anne-Marie Duguet


Parallell 4
Thursday 29 Sept, 13:00–14:00

Reima Palonen
, “The Prioritization of Health Care Services in Finland”

Marta Sjenicic, “Access of vulnerable groups to health care services through Serbian legal regulation and in practice”

Dean Harris, “Distribution of reproductive health services: Laws and policies on foreign aid can reduce access to care”

Anna Jacek, “Access to free of charge supply for medicinal products, medical devices and foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses for 75+ beneficiaries in the Polish health care system”

Claudia Seitz, “Biotechnological Innovations, Personalized Medicines and Increasing Healthcare Costs for Pharmaceutical Products – Do «Pay for Performance» Systems Provide a Solution?”

Gustavo Merino, “EU big data protection at risk”

Launch of the interest group on “chronic diseases”
Organiser: Marie Elske Gispen/Brigit Toebes

Interest group on data protection
Chair: Jean Herveg

Nicolas P Terry, “Horizontal and Vertical Differences Between the GDPR and U.S. Healthcare Data Protection”

Ondrej Dostal
, “Challenges of the new EU Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data in the Czech Health Care System and Legislation”

Jean Herveg, “Introduction to the general data protection regulation”

Griet Verhenneman, “Outsourcing genomic data: trust in the untrusted.”